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Term 3 begins!

Welcome back We hope you had a restful and warm holiday! What a contrast in weather the two weeks were! And that is our inquiry unit this term – “Weather.” We will also be preparing for our magnificent concert item in Week 6. Notes about costumes and tickets will be coming home soon but make sure you keep the night free and tell grandparents etc.

If your child bought their pencil case home at the end of last term please make sure it is restocked with scissors, eraser, glue stick, textas and colouring pencils.

See you tomorrow!

Week 10 news

Three things to note for the last week of school:

  1. Mass on Thursday for the Feast of the Sacred Heart. Traditionally this is the time of year we give donations of non perishable food, toiletries or blankets to St Vincent de Paul society. Please send any donations along before Thursday.
  2.  We have the Responsible Pet Ownership Incursion on Wednesday. If you are happy to allow your child to bring their pet to school for the day here are the rules- It must stay in its enclosure all day. So no cats or dogs please. We are happy to have birds or fish or lizards if you are happy to help them travel to the classroom. This can be on the day that suits you best and it is not necessary for every child to bring a pet.
  3. A note will come home soon about our reward session  next week.

Have a great last week.

St. Vincent de Paul’s Winter Appeal ~ Can you make a difference?

St. Richard’s Primary School have been reflecting on what it means to belong to a Church Community and plan ways to follow in Jesus’ footsteps by helping others in need.

So the Year 3 – 6 students have teamed together to collect donations for St. Vincent de Paul’s Winter Appeal.

Year 5/6 students have created posters which you will soon see around the school and the Year 3/4 students have created advertisements  to try and persuade you to make a difference this Winter.

We will place tubs in both the Yellow and Blue Buildings at St. Richard’s Primary School for your kind donations.

Thank you for making a difference this Winter!

From all of the Year 3 – 6 students.

Check out some of these fantastic ads from Year 3/4. 

Coding on Scratch Junior With Our Buddy

Today Year 1/2KM and Year 3/4NF joined together to complete a Coding Task on Scratch Junior.

The Learning Intention was to code a character on Scratch to talk.

The know if we were successful we had to;

  • Select blocks and join them together to make a code.
  • Test my code and alter it as I work.
  • Work with my partner to make my character talk.

Jackson – I learned how to code and use blocks on Scratch.
Charlotte – Today I taught other people how to turn around the characters so they are facing each other to have a conversation.
Ethan & Annabelle – We learned how to make characters talk using our own voices.
Ziad – I learned how to start with a green flag and stop at the end with a red block.
Lewis – I learned that sometimes the Year 1/2’s can teach us a lot of new things too.
Will – We all learned new things today and it was fun.

Buddy Time

On the last day of term we had a great time working with our buddies to create Easter Baskets.

Wheelie Good Day